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Buy Adena (US Lineage 2)
muuuy bueno, se demoraron un poquito pero me recompensaron con 50kk extra :D

Un 7 y funciona muy bien y seriamente!! 
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Open to the official server Lineage2 on
Open to the official server Lineage2 on - official open server Lineage2 in Russian !

Lineage 2 dates back to October 1, 2003, it was then in South Korea was the first time running a game server, and in 2004 had already published the first update - Prelude. The story developed rapidly right balance, to make mass changes, the game spread first in Europe, and then won, and America. Now it is safe to say that years of work on the game were not in vain: the Lineage 2 deserved reputation worldwide recognition and millions of fans. In 2008 the project was the first officially available in Russia: the company signed a contract with Innova NCSoft opening free Russian servers Lineage 2.

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Buy Adena (RU Lineage 2)

Buy the Adena on official open server Lineage2 in the Russian ! (Innova Systems) Buy the Adena on, very simple. Checkout and get Adena on any server in any quantity at the lowest prices. Buying the Adena you get to buy the best equipment in the game and be in the top leaders. To  …

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