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Buy Power Leveling Lineage 2 US the character on Lineage2.com quite simple.

Buying Power Leveling (Lineage2 US)

Every one of us always wants to reach its goal of being a winner and the first in everything. But unfortunately we do not have enough for all the time to keep up everywhere. Also in the game to be a leader you need to have a higher level to surpass the other players, and then you come to the aid of such service as we are offering you to bleed you of your character for a fee. Our service provides the cheapest service from all the shops, and we do not use any robot programs.

Fill out the order form to buy Power Leveling:

We do not use any bot software, and ask you not to do. Always remember that third-party programs can harm your account. Please before placing the order, change all passwords if they are still owned by someone other. We keep 100% confidentiality of your account. After full implementation of the order do not forget to change all flogged.

100% reporting of the order, after processing each day to your e-mail will be sent to report how many hours were spent and how much you have left. At any time you can cancel the order by contacting us and we will send your the balance funds.

1. Enter your server.

2. Select the desired level.

3. Enter the name of the character for which the order will be applied.

4. We need access to the server, select access this data, it is 100% safe!

5. After filling out the entire form, click on the Buy button, then go to the basket and follow the instructions, after paying for our staff will carry out an order on these contact details you have filled.

If you have any questions about how to use the service, we will be happy at any time to answer them through the channels listed on the site. Good luck in the world of Lineage 2!

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