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Path of Exile 1/2

Path of Exile 1/2 or Diablo 2/3 what to choose, probably everyone came across such an idea, my opinion is definitely PathofExile. Why? yes even though it is completely free, and the complexity in this game is much higher than in Diablo 3.

Perhaps the Path of Exile, just could not be born. The more you learn about it, the harder it is to believe in its existence. It all began in November 2006 in Oakland, New Zealand, where the studio was created Grinding Gear Games. In its composition there were no known developers, although the people got serious - graduates of famous universities, holders of academic degrees, authors of books.

But most importantly, they loved role-playing and wanted to create the Game of Their Dreams. Under such an idea, the publisher is difficult to find, but the studio had rich friends (project head Chris Wilson, in particular, he himself is not a poor man) who decided to finance this insane venture.

The plan was this: to make a team of twenty people a SSS-class project, very complex, steeper Diablo and free. That is not so that "like free, but without a hundred dollars a month is better not to pop", and completely free. To players pay only when they really want to support the project, without getting any gaming advantages. How do you like this business idea? Success and fabulous profits are visible a mile away, is not it? Here we do not. Nevertheless, seven years have passed since then.

On the gameplay there is really nothing to talk about, we've seen all this, so I'll focus on the main thing - the unique features of the game. The most interesting, even I would say - outstanding, in PathofExile is a card of passive talents. This, I probably did not see in any game. Have you ever seen a starry sky? Normal starry sky, and not the three stars that can be observed (with one of them a helicopter, and the second signal fire of a high-rise building).

The game turned out to be very hardcore. You can not select a level of complexity here - all begin at the Normal level. Players joke that Normal in Path of Exile is like Nightmare in Diablo 3. Exaggeration, of course, but it's easy to die an inexperienced player. It's not scary, the benefit of a fine for death is not at first. Monsters use the same skills as players - teleport, conduct powerful attacks from the take-off, beat spells. Bosses really make them feel that they are bosses, easily making incompetent whole classes of characters. But with new dopalneniyami appeared 10 acts, completely different from each other.

The most remarkable thing about this game is that it is constantly updated and makes you feel again alive with new content.