How to Pay Order?

It often happens that people who for the first time make purchases on the Internet, not to understand how to make a payment. To do this, we will show you a vivid example of how to order.

1. First you need to select your product, and always remember that the more you order the more discount. 
2. Further, here we need to have an register account or use an existing.
3 Next, we need to select a payment system through which you will make payments.
4. Now, you can pay for your order with credit cards, boleto, paypal, skrill, bitcoin, sofort, webmoney, yandex money, QIWI, and etc.
5. After successful payment throws us back to the website where we can see the history of the order.
After verification of your payment, we will send your order.
You receive a new message about sending the purchased product.


Can I pay using PayPal?
- PayPal is currently available only for Brazil, for other countries it is not available. But you can buy G2A gift cards for PayPal, and send them to us using the online chat on the site.

I'm afraid to pay using my credit card because I don’t know who you are.

- It is completely safe, you pay not on our website, but on the page of popular payment systems such as G2Apay ( is the European analogue of Paypal that allows you to use various payment methods. All connections are protected by the SLL protocol, which means that no one will be able to find out your card information. Also, you can check the information about our site using any Whois service - you will see that we have been working since 2012, which means that we can be fully trusted. If this does not convince you, and you have a persecution mania, you can register for yourself a G2Apay or Skrill payment system account and use the system’s internal wallet, after adding the balance inside this system. But it will take more time, so it's up to you.

Why does not accept my credit card (Payment failed?)

- Make sure that your credit card has enough funds, and you can also use it abroad, and you do not have limits for one day, if you did not make mistakes when entering data but the payment is failed. Most likely, the automatic system from fraud worked and therefore the payment was failed or returned, this is due to the fact that some customers like to go to the payment page several times and not pay for the order, the system begins to think that this is fraudulent activity and the user is blocked by ip . To unlock, you need to register a account and use “Waller G2A” as payment. There is also another way, you can create an account at and pay using Skrill by transferring money to our Skrill account.

How fast will I receive my order.


- We try to do this as soon as possible, if online support is in place, then you will receive your order without having to blink.

If you have questions do not hesitate to use online chat on the site.