How to Pay Order?

1. Why do we accept crypto money but not credit cards?
Since its very foundation, the Internet has been a den for various types of fraud, which is why many Internet users are afraid to make online payments using their credit cards. To solve this problem, we have chosen crypto money as a payment method on our website.

2. I don’t have a crypto wallet, how can I get one?
Try registering an account on one of the many popular crypto exchanges such as: / /  / “View information about these exchanges for your country and choose the one that is more convenient for you” a regular exchange may offer a lot of payment options for purchasing cryptocurrencies on it.

3. After registering on the exchange, you will need to get yourself a USDT wallet “USDT is a digital currency that is used to move from wallet to wallet of another user.” 1 USDT=1US Dollar.

4. If we already have funds in our USDT wallet, all you have to do is place an order.
4.1 Register an account on our website.
4.2 Go to the product page that interests us and fill out the options Server/Quantity/Character Name, etc.
4.3 In your cart you will see the order amount USDT, you will be asked to pay it to our USDT wallet: (For a successful payment, you will need to indicate the wallet and network, the network is a method of transferring crypto money, so all data must be entered correctly).

Video instruction what send USDT to other USDT wallet: 

Our USDT Wallet:
network: Tron (TRC20)

5. If you are afraid to transfer a large amount at once because you are afraid of fraud, you can break the transaction into smaller amounts, but in this case delivery will take longer.

6. After successful payment, simply contact us via online chat on the website or via Discord.