Aion RU

Buying Kinah (Aion RU)

Buying Kinah (Aion RU)

Buy Kinah on ruoff official open server Aion in russia: Альсион, Гардарика, Ц..


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Aion RU - official open server Aion in the Russian !

Aion - is a virtual world where you, like thousands of other players, create your character and go in search of adventure in the company of trusted friends or as part of a legion. This is a story of struggle with the terrible and violent confrontation Balaur light and dark worlds. The saga of valor and honor, friendship and hate, about the brave heroes and endless battles, the tragedy of an entire planet. Frozen desert Asmodeus, green forests and glowing Helios deep abyss waiting for their heroes. And let the light of Aion will show you the way!