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Buying Kinah  (Aion EU)

Buying Kinah (Aion EU)

Buy Kinah on official open server Aion EU: Antriksha, Barus, Deyla..


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Aion EU - official open server Aion in the Europe !

In Aion, unlike most of the Korean MMORPG, making a bet on the extermination of monsters, there are plenty of quests. They are often linked in a chain, and require not only skill in the destruction of the ​​controlled creatures or characters in PvP, but sometimes the speed and skills of orienteering. Most of them are connected with the destruction of monsters. Divided into three types: the mission, tasks and orders. Mission lead player on the storyline, and therefore are required to pass, as they become available to perform new missions. Assignments - a means to earn money, experience things, weapons and items.