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Blade and Soul

Review on the game Blade and Soul
Blade and Soul - a game in which the quality of the graphics is the first thing that attracts the attention of players. And today, anyone can personally check how seriously NCSOFT has worked on the game. And this check will show: the promotional video did not cheat, the game is really amazingly beautiful. The Unreal Engine 3 engine, on which Blade and Soul is made, may not be considered the most advanced among video games, but as a basis for IMO, it allows you to implement everything you need.

Relatively recently, a new cool game was released, from a fairly well-known Korean company "NCSoft". Blade and Soul has conquered millions of gamers around the world, and as statistics show, this is not the limit. Cool special effect, excellent interface and a wide variety of the game world every day attracts more and more players. Particular attention can be paid to the study of characters who look really cool.

As in any other MMORPG game, in Blade and Soul a player simply cannot do without game currency. In this case, the gold mining process is quite laborious and requires a lot of time. So, for example, the most primitive and simplest method is farm. To replenish the game balance for a serious amount, this method is not suitable. Against this background, players want to find a simpler way of enrichment, which does not take much time. Below we will publish the most profitable and easiest ways to mine gold.

The easiest way is to buy it using our service. BnS gaming funds are delivered by mail or other method convenient for you, immediately after the player makes a deal. This is a great option for those who want to provide themselves with everything necessary for the game, without making much effort.

Earn BnS Gold Through Craft
This method is ideal for mining BnS gold in the initial stages of the game. The gamer must choose between two crafts: production and gathering. At the same time, long-term gathering is a more profitable undertaking. It should be noted that at the very beginning of the game, fishing brings the most profit, and not the extraction of more expensive resources. Due to the constant shortage of various fish resources at the auction, the player has the opportunity to openly raise the price of them.

Production in the early stages of the game is also quite profitable. However, starting from the third level, all profits will be spent on pumping new production skills.

Relatively easy earnings of gold Blade and Soul - craft
This option is optimal for gamers who enter the game relatively rarely. To earn in this way, the player will need to develop various guilds of artisans. It should be noted that it is most beneficial to develop guilds of astrologers and jewelers. It will not be superfluous to have one character with pottery skills, not lower than the third level, this will help to significantly increase profits from manufactured goods. This method is quite simple, the player needs to get or buy crystals and all the items necessary for crafting. After that, put on craft and wait for the result. After some time, the player will receive an item that can easily be sold at auction for a good amount.

The style of the game Blade and Soul

By style, Blade and Soul resembles manga, where half-naked girls are sexually emphasized, and men are either effeminate or look like a mountain of muscle. There is nothing surprising in this. The art director of the project was the famous Korean manhwa artist Hyung Tae Kim. However, relatively realistic characters also come across.

Classes and Races Blade and Soul
At present, there are four humanoid races in Blade and Soul: graceful Kun tribe girls, muscular giants Gon, liars with big ears and tails of Lee and the closest to ordinary people Jin. After choosing a race, you have to choose one of nine classes: the master of the blade, the master of kung fu, the destroyer, the master of power, the killer, the summoner, the master of the sword lin, warlock or the master of qi.

The class defines not only the mechanics of battle, but also the interface. For example, some classes use mana, while others use morale units. Blade and Soul abandoned the “trinity” (tank, healer, dd) and almost every character can do damage and survive skillfully using the strengths of the class. This decision, of course, affected the group game.

Each class has a unique gameplay. Killers are shadow fighters trying to stab in the back, destroyers are slow but powerful attacks, magicians masterfully control spells and area attacks, swordsmen deftly deflect blows, responding with sharp and frequent lunges, fist fighters are quick in defense so in attack.

Blade and Soul Battle Style
The game has a unique and specific battle style. In battle, an auto-target is used with an aiming system - the target that is in front of the character is automatically highlighted. For maximum effectiveness, learned skills must be combined in combos. And although compared to games in the genre of classic fighting game the dynamics are lower here, for ordinary MMORPG battles are extremely energetic.

Character development Blade and Soul
Character development takes place in the traditional way for the genre: we gain experience, increase levels and learn new skills. Each hero has several basic skills and many secondary, which in some way change the basic. Blade and Soul encourages build experiments: redistributing skill points can be done at any time for an affordable price.

The armor and clothes in this game play only a decorative role, and the character's parameters can be changed with the help of weapons and accessories, the most valuable of which is the bo-pae amulet. You can insert eight magic fragments into it, each of which enhances the characteristics. If you collect fragments of the same type, then you will receive a set bonus, which in other games is issued for sets of armor. Using reagents you can improve the fragments.

Quests Blade and Soul
Quests at the moment are not particularly original and interesting, they can be easily completed without reading the text, but simply by running along the signs. However, in Blade and Soul one of the most impressive storylines (by the standards of MMORPG), able to give odds to most single games. Separately, it is worth noting the huge number of videos on the engine.

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